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Re: Poor Service

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Re: Poor Service

I feel your pain! We haven't had internet for 11 days now. We've spent hours trying to sort it, and we've not been able to home school properly without it. I've spent an extra £60 on data this month to use my work broadband for home. They sent an engineer, a new router, several instructions and still nothing. We can make and receive calls so it must be a provider issue. I cannot believe that in this day and age it can be such a problems remains unresolved. I think the future for us will be Vodafone Gigabox; far more reliable. Life is tough enough already right now without having this to deal with!
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Re: Poor Service


A warm welcome to the forums.

Phone line faults can be reported on line from anywhere, if you have the account holder’s credentials.  Log into the user portal and click the phone fault link below.

There are 4 typical outcomes from the fault test...

  1. A clear successful test reporting an identifiable fault typically this happens for external faults which can be attended to with out an end user appointment
  2. A failure of the test is reported, but a fault ticket is raised (see ticket link below)
  3. A failure of the test is reported, but a fault ticket is NOT raised
  4. The test reports no fault identified - some faults when tested from the exchange simply cannot be tested, for example if a shabby engineer cross connected the exchange line pair to a different premises, the line would quite like test no fault found

1&2 will normally lead to the fault being progressed without the need to contact support (note is your daughter.s mobile phone number on her account contact details?)

2&4 will need a voice call to support - note that you can use the 0800 numbers for free on a mobile phone and their batteries last far longer than those on (possibly old?) handsets.  (One of mine last around 15-20 minutes).

If PlusNET testing reports no fault detected, you might need to suggest the possibility of a mis-connected circuit.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Poor Service

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Re: Poor Service

@Townman  It seems the thread has been split and your post was obviously replying to some other thread so it won't make much sense to @Jamestillyer