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Re: Fibre slow down

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Re: Fibre slow down

I've noticed a slow down in the past few weeks also. Anything wrong with my area?

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Re: Fibre slow down

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Re: Fibre slow down

Testing your line isn't showing any issues at all:


Test Outcome Pass
Test Outcome Code GTC_FTTC_SERVICE_0003
Description No problem found, OAM test is not currently supported on this line.
Main Fault Location OK
Sync Status In Sync
Downstream Speed 34.3 Mbps
Upstream Speed 2.0 Mbps
Appointment Required N
Fault Report Advised N

Your line is synced above the estimate range for your area:

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Downstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)

Downstream Handback Threshold(Mbps)

WBC FTTC Availability Date

WBC SOGEA Availability Date

WBC FTTC 18x2 Provide Availability

WBC FTTC 18x2 Sim Availability

Left in Jumper

  High Low High Low        
VDSL Range A (Clean) 32 22.4 6.6 4.4 20 Available -- -- -- --


And it's very stable:

What speeds are you getting on a speedtest?
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