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Re: Fibre connections on local exchange

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Re: Fibre connections on local exchange

Sorry, not a good start. Lol.
Ok, will try and keep this short and sweet. In a nut she'll. ..signed up for PN phone and BB (standard up to 38 fibre). After taking my first payment at time of ordering, I was told 3 days later that a fibre connection was not possible due to not enough connections in my local exchange. So that raised 2 questions...Why take an order for a service which surely they would have known was not possible at the point of ordering, and is there a way of finding out how long it's gonna be before BT install more fibre connections?
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Re: Fibre connections on local exchange

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Re: Fibre connections on local exchange

Sorry to see this, it looks like capacity was withdrawn from your cabinet before we were able to get you over to fibre, frustrating for us as well as you.

If you check here, it should say that your cabinet is currently in "Waiting list" mode. We don't get given a definitive date by our suppliers as to when the issue would be resolved, so it's a case of checking back to see if we're able to order.

Appreciate that this isn't good news, but hope this clarifies.


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