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Re: Broadband slower

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Re: Broadband slower

Since Plusnet took over my landline from BT, broadband runs much slower, 30 or 60 seconds to access a common website, it used to be a second or two.  This applies to both Apple and Windows computers that use the router (not at the same time), and nothing else in the system has been changed.  I have tried restarting the router.

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Re: Broadband slower

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Re: Broadband slower

This isn't related to your line coming in to us. The issue is that you've reached the allowance of your account and you don't have extra usage allowed to be added. We emailed you about this on the 6th advising of the restrictions. They'll be removed on your next billing date, however as you're on an older package it may be worth talking to our customer options team about switching to Unlimited. 0800 013 2632

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