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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

My fibre keeps dropping out and I keep getting aaked to log into the hub manager connect. It is happening almost three times a day?
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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

Hi Chris,


Testing your line indicates a potential issue with the equipment connected to the phone line which is likely to be impacting your broadband too. A loop has been found, which is basically a short circuit on the line.


Usually this is down to a faulty piece of equipment within your own property. The next step would be to test the connection directly into the test socket to see if your broadband is still disconnecting. From there, we'd also be able to retest and see if the results are the same on our side.


Let us know if there's anything further we can do.



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Re: Broadband keeps dropping

I too have been having issues. So far today it has dropped out around 5 or 6 times since 1pm