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Random redirect of URLS

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Random redirect of URLS



I have an odd problem that I've narrowed down to what I presume is the router.


I have been developing a website app and every now and then the URL of a page will be redirected, the problem only exists on our network of three machines. The common denominator is the router.


For example, a website has a URL of

If we continue to click the link that goes to this page after 5 -10 refreshes of the page the URL will change to


The foldername that is displayed is the folder where the site is stored on the hosting server, but where we would have tried to create a URL to in the past but is no longer the production URL.

Could there be something cached in the route because on 2 of the machines that would never have tried to get to the temp url in the past are showing this random behaviour.


As mentioned this does not happen outside of our network. Does anyone have any thoughts what could have cuased the problem. The router is the Technicolor TG582n FTTC.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Random redirect of URLS

Is the website you are accessing internal or external to your network? My thoughts are that the behaviour you experience is more likely to be associated with the set-up on the server that website runs on.

Is there anything non-standard about the way your TG582n is configured?