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Random duration internet dropping

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Registered: ‎15-12-2020

Random duration internet dropping

I am a recent Plusnet customer and have to say that the service is pretty appalling compared to previous ISP's (worse than Talk Talk!!).

One of many problems i have is random connection drops of varying durations throughout the day, but generally more often in the evening. Event duration is sometimes only seconds, in some cases not long enough to crash the app, but just as often it does, which is particularly frustrating when streaming TV, as you can imagine. Rarely am I returned to the original place when the connection is restored. Never had this issue with my previous ISP so i don't believe this has anything to do with my home architecture.

I set up a NUM app to monitor the connection and was able to capture drop events and corresponding events on the router event log time stamp (see attached). This is just one example, so the event message may not always be the same. Any help would be greatly appreciated.