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Question about broadband speed

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Question about broadband speed



So moved from BT to Plusnet and signed up to Unlimited Fibre Extra and have been connected for 2 weeks, and my line stats are the following from the PlusNet One modem

DSL Line Status
Connection Information
Line state: Connected Connection time: 0 days, 01:24:12 Downstream: 47.8 Mbps Upstream:

16.59 Mbps



However when I do a speed test I'm getting 35-36 Mbps Download speed and 12-13 Mbps upload speed, I've received an email saying


When you signed up for Plusnet Broadband, we gave you an estimated line speed range. Now that your Unlimited Fibre Extra broadband has been up and running for 14 days, we wanted to let you know your line speed as it stands today, as a comparison.


Estimated peak time speeds:

Download: 43 - 62Mb
Upload: 10 - 16Mb

These are the speeds your line is capable of at peak times.

Current line speed: 78Mb

This is a measure of the actual line speed you are now receiving based on the product you have taken.

Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 38.1Mb

This is the minimum speed you should expect to achieve on your line.


Now when I was on BT my line stats the HH6 where Downsteam: 60Mbps, Upsteam: 20Mbps upload and when running a speed test give I was getting 54-56 download speed and 17-18 upload speed, and I know that I wasn't getting the full 60 download and full 20 upload speed when doing a speed test but losing 13mb download is puzzling if my Downsteam is 47Mbps.


I've tried switching the modem off for a while and switching it back on after 30 second but am still getting 35-36 Mbps Download speed, plus I would like to also know where the hell Plusnet have got my current line speed at 78Mbps from when its 47Mbps

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Re: Question about broadband speed

Check advanced on the BT Wholesale Speed Test to see what your profile is set at as this can affect the results

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Re: Question about broadband speed

@TeessideChris78  Welcome to the forum.

First of all the 78Mbps refers to the contract you are on, that is up to 78/18, not really 80/20. Not the speed that they are measuring.

Next the router is reporting the synchronous rate between your router and the fibre cabinet. Because of handshaking requirements and error correction this is always higher than the data rate.

When you change suppliers Openreach reset the DLM which can cause a temporary reduction in speed. This will hopefully automatically recover.

If you still have your Smarthub 6 then like many of us use that rather than your Plusnet Hub One, which is a tweeked old Home Hub 5A. The Smarthub has better WiFi and the firmware is less buggy. Setting instructions are here