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Question about G.INP

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Question about G.INP

OR Visit , new HG612 installed (faulty modem) port reset etc etc , engineer left feeling quiet up himself no idea why.
Before G.IMP was enabled now its not , will G.INP only kick in if there is a problem? also OR guy said vectoring has been enabled on about 20 ports in my cab .
Will G.INP kick in again or is it how long is a peice of string lol..
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Re: Question about G.INP

They have broken  things again with G.inp  they appear to of disabled it on the upstream, how ever  i have lost 7 mbps of my attainable speed on the upstream as a result of this, so they have borked this new profile they claim is a fix  that they are rolling out on all huawei cabs , as for a kick off if the upstream was on fast path with it apears to be then this would increase spare margin and attainable levels, The thing that is most annoying is that since g.inp was enabled on my circuit it has worked fine and i had an uptime of 54 days without issues, yet they still roll out this borked profile  on my circuit,