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Question #175741494 - Your Feedback

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Question #175741494 - Your Feedback

This question has been close as we had the temerity to go on holiday.

Doesn't appear in the list of our closed questions.

So what's the point?


anyway, the instructicions in the 'repsonse' do not appear to fit our fibre setup.

so toher than the fact that we do not get the speeds we're supposed to do, what arter we to do from here?

Given that PN don't appear to give a toss.

And this is what we are now paying more for?

Forgive me for being extremely unimpressed.


Do us proud. my [-Censored-]. as ricky would say.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Question #175741494 - Your Feedback

Hello @JohnofYork,


We are really sorry to hear you feel this way and can assure you this is not the case. We take all reported cases seriously and really would like to come to an amicable resolution.


Please can you send a image of your setup and master socket to @Ndegwa, so we can send you the right checks for your setup.

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 Plusnet Help Team