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Profile not updated

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Profile not updated

I signed up for 80/20 but my speeds (although very stable) are way below what is to be expected on my line.  I did chat online with support last week and was told the profile was set incorrectly and that it would be rectified in 4 hours. Needless to say, this didn't happen.  Is there any way that someone could look into this and explain the reason for the massive differences?  I comfortably had 75meg D/L with BT for over 3 years.

Many thanks

BTwholesale speed test gives the following info:

 Download speed achieved during the test was - 42.17 Mbps
 Additional Information:
 IP Profile for your line is - 45.15 Mbps

Gateway Details are:

You are currently connected to gateway pcl-ag08.

This is located in City Lifeline House.

And the details reported from the portal are :

Phone exchange: GRAVESEND Estimated line speed:80Mb (This may vary between 64.3Mb and 80Mb) - Checked on 2016-08-01 11:37:32 Current line speed:44.8 Mb

Finally the router stats are:                  

  Upstream Downstream
Current Rate(kbps) 16155 46650
Max Rate(kbps) 16177 46563
SNR Margin(dB) 6.1 5.8
Line Attenuation(dB) 19.7 10.5
Errors(pkts) 172 20284


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Re: Profile not updated

The quickest way to get this resolved is to raise a speed fault 

it looks like the BT ip profile is wrong but the faults team will be able to check this all out for you 


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Re: Profile not updated

Cheers - I logged it as a fault.  Now just a waiting game I presume Smiley  Hopefully an improvement on BT CS, who have written asking for £51 for payment for Fibre for the next month, despite agreeing my account should have been closed.  But they are having problems closing it despite confirming the dates in writing!  You couldn't make it up.  Oh well - lets sit it out for a while and see how things transpire over the next couple of days.