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Profile Reset?

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Profile Reset?

When I moved house a year ago I always plugged the router into the master socket however 6 months or so ago I moved it to another socket since then I've been getting 48 - 49 Mbps and 8 upload. I've just moved the router back to the master, upload has jumped to 13 Mbps but download hasn't moved an inch.

How do I request that my line profile is reset to see if that will allow the line to increase to it old figures of around 60ish?


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Profile Reset?

Hi Jon,


The kind of adjustment you've mentioned relates to DLM (dynamic line management) as this is an automated process for fibre you'll just need to hang fire and this should improve without us or yourself needing to do anything within a few day's time.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Profile Reset?

Ive just moved from BT fttc , my profile was stuck for months and months, waste of time trying to get a reset, i thought, im moving to plusnet, and hope they do a reset when i switch over.


Today it happend.


They have and ive gained 3-4mbs and a bit of upload now im on a 6db profile , might not sound much, but when you were on 12-13mbs, it all counts !


Also the BT HH5 syncs faster than the plusnet hub