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Problems with support when the fault is not simple

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Problems with support when the fault is not simple

During the last 2 and a half weeks I've had internet for just one day. I still have no internet, things have been made worse by my mother in law dying and trying to arrange a funeral over 100 miles away with most of the agencies involved wanting to communicate by email is a nightmare. I felt the need to record the good and the bad from plusnet support so far. I've been promised an engineer visiting 4 times so far for someone to have made the decision not to do so, and not to inform me that they'd decided not to send one.

I've spoken on the phone and communicated online from work with a number of support staff. Some have been very good and some haven't. A small number seem to have the idea that they need to talk down to their customers because they are idiots. I did a masters in computer science and have a number of post graduate qualifications and support a large network at work, having said that this doesn't necessarily stop me doing something stupid. But I do know that when you have restarted the router more than 20 times restarting in again is unlikely to make much of a difference. One lady kept saying to me that she knew what she was doing when it was quite clear, she didn't.

The problem is I have a DSL link but the router will not connect to the internet, the prognosis is that either the router is at fault or I'm putting in the connection details wrongly, even though I have spelt out letter by letter what I am entering. And why would it connect with those details for a few hours after a week before going off again, if they were wrong? I went out and brought a new router and patch cable, connected it into the fibre modem and just connected a portable by cable into the router and still could not connect. At the weekend I was promised an engineer again, which has not happened. Today I've received an email, (though how I'd have read it without connecting with my mobile phone I don't know) to say they are sending me a router. I fail to see what difference a 3rd router will make, though you can infer from the statement it will be pre set up to connect, that someone believes I am not capable to put the correct settings into the two routers I already have

I've got to the point where I can't see an end to the problem. I keep being told it will cost me £65 if the problem is on my side of the network, but to be honest its got to such a point that this would be worth paying to resolve the problem. Beginning to wonder how long can I go without internet before my contract is void and I can get another supplier.

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Re: Problems with support when the fault is not simple

I would assume that if the DSL light is staying on then the connection to the router is fine and I would assume your internal connections are all ok, as usually if there is a fault inside the property or to the cabinet with wiring or faulty equiptment usually the DSL light would either be off or flashing I can only assume the problem is at network level or could be a faulty card at your exchange.

I would get an engineer out if the fault is found not to be past your master socket (i.e with any of your extension sockets, if you have them) or with any other equiptment then you would not be liable to pay the £65.

I am sure that you have done this already but to rule out any problems with your equiptment or internal wiring try plugging your filter directly in to the BT test socket, also try another filter (if you havent already).

If Openreach come out then I hope they fix the problem 1st time, many of my customers that have had Openreach out have found that they are only allocated an hour to find the fault if they dont find and fix it in under an hour then they will usually fob you off with an excuse (i.e. hopefully things should improve over the next 72 hours) then close the call and leave it up to you to raise the fault with your ISP again from scratch.