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Problems with internet

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Problems with internet

Hi, I've been having problems with my fibre internet.
The last couple of month or so, I've been having multiple daily disconnects from the service, huge latency spikes and various devices that usually connect to the wifi with no problems being stuck 'authenticating' for a day or more. These problems come and go, and the disconnects are usually very brief but enough to disrupt whatever I'm doing online at that time. I get the disconnects and latency through a wired connection to my pc, and the authentication problems through the wifi (I've had these issues with ipads, android phones and various other tablets).
I'm wondering if the router is the issue, since I've had these sort of problems before and it turned out to be the router that was faulty.
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Problems with internet

There were a few disconnections earlier in the month but not many recently:

If the regular disconnects are still happening I'd suggest running through the faults checker at and reporting this in to us.
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 Chris Parr
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