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Problems with VPN using the standard PlusNet router

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Registered: ‎11-01-2017

Problems with VPN using the standard PlusNet router

Hi everyone, Until yesterday I used an Apple Time Capsule as a WiFi hotspot, but it's clearly dying so I switched to using the WiFi provided by the standard PlusNet router. Almost everything works as normal - except I can't connect to the Internet when the ExpressVPN software is running. If I turn it off, my Internet connection works perfectly, turn it on again and ExpressVPN can't find one of their access points so I have no connection.


ExpressVPN worked perfectly on the Time Capsule until it died and it continues to work on public wifi, so it looks like the problem is either with the router or with PlusNet itself.


I'm running everything on a Mac with the latest version of the 10.12 macOS operating system. Everything else is out of the box.


So does anyone have any idea what is going on and if it can be fixed?


Many thanks,