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Problem with new Plusnet install

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Re: Problem with new Plusnet install

To be fair, although it is Plusnet's responsibility, it isn't their fault. They correctly ordered a new line and the idiot OpenReach engineer swiped your existing Sky line instead of giving you the new line. No matter which ISP you went to (with the exception of Virgin Media cable) you'd still be at the mercy of OpenReach. He should have checked and found there was a dial tone on the line before he did anything with it!
I also wonder why, when the engineer was with you, you didn't question why a new line didn't give you a new telephone socket. It should have been obvious at the time that if the 'new' service was on the same socket as you had been using your old Sky service would be killed!
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Re: Problem with new Plusnet install

I'll take the point about not asking the engineer these questions but I shouldn't have to stand over the engineer making sure he does his job correctly, isn't that what I am paying for, a service to be provided?
Anyway I have now received a text message from Openreach saying they will be at the property between 1pm and 6pm tomorrow so I am assuming this will be to get connected?