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Problem upgrading since November 2019

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Problem upgrading since November 2019

So this is a fun one and no one seems to have a solution via phone or questions opened. The current open question just keeps getting extended as I think no one wants to touch our account as it is a bit of a stinker, so apologies in advance.


We're currently receiving 20/6 down/up, at the end of November we were getting a nice and stable 38/10ish. We requested an upgrade of product to unlimited fibre extra but the order kept failing and after numerous tickets and phone calls it was deemed necessary to close our old account and give us this new one, this happened from roughly between the 12th and 20th of December. So most of the tickets will be on the old account.

The goal was to migrate our account, for us to receive the fibre extra speeds of 78/19ish and for our discount to be carried over for the next 18 months.


Also worth adding that at some point in November our internet started disconnecting 4-5 times a day. The plan was to deal with the disconnects after upgrading the account. The disconnects have now stopped but I think because our line profile has settled us on a nice safe 20/6.


Now some peculiarities with the account

1) Roughly easter last year and for the preceeding several months we received the fibre extra speeds while on the regular fibre package, this was discovered and we were messaged that the speeds would be capped and to expect the drop, it seems this action could not take place via the web system and had to be physcially done at the exchange. My imagination pictured a very angry engineer with some thumbscrews teaching the hardware not to give freeloading customers double the speeds for free.


2) Whenever work is done in the BT footway box outside our house we instantly lose internet connection in the house and the phone line crackles or hangs up. This has happened for the 3+ years we've been with you at this address. Occasionally disconnects happen when work is done in the green cabinet at the end of our road. I'v been out to chat to the engineers working on the footway box each time this happens and as soon as they stop manipulating the bundles of wires or leave everything returns to normal, We tested the wiring for continuity where they plug something in to our master socket and the wiring is fine until work begins again. They've always assumed something must be loose in the stretch between the footway and our house, but as this runs under pavement, garden and under our concrete house floor no one is offering to investigate too fully. I was even giving them tea and biscuits at the time, so they really didn't want anything to do with it. They advised if we ever lose connection to get the wiring to our house checked.


No idea how relevant this is, but thought it worth mentioning.


The usual stuff has been checked and re checked in the premises, no internal wiring, hardware to master socket and connected via ethernet etc.


Our connection was always flawless with zero disconnects prior to November last year, both 40/10 and 80/20 packages had been great for the past 3+ years.


Please help us.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Problem upgrading since November 2019

Thank you for getting in touch, I'm sorry to hear your experiencing such issue.


In the interest of person care and monitoring I have opened a ticket on your account after trying to call you.


Please feel free to drop any replies via




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 Kevin T
 Plusnet Help Team