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Problem - New PC, New to Plusnet, this device is having a range of connection problems.

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Problem - New PC, New to Plusnet, this device is having a range of connection problems.

Hi All,


 We recently moved to a new flat, and built a new computer, I've been using TP Link Powerline communication (Wired, not wireless) for a few years at different places without problems. But Both our new PC and Plusnet came around at the same time so I'm not sure which one is the problem here (as it is the only wired device to test).



Powerline Communication Connection (TPLINK)

The PC's Powerline(Wired) connected internet will work for a brief period, then something like web browsing, streaming etc will trigger the router to flash yellow, over and over. This problem does not occur with any other device on WiFi. I then get various issues while trying to resolve:


Some of the following can occur at random:

  • Missing Network Protocols on this machine.
  • Prompting the Plusnet router log in admin troubleshooting (which does nothing in this scenario)
  • claims I'm not logged in or authenticated on the router from my browser.
  • can't even reach the router i.p address to see any of the above.
  • full restart of the PC is required for the router to go blue again. (or leaving it off completely)

Wifi Dongle Connection (TP LINK USB)

Plugged into any USB port on the computer:

Has a SMALL chance of just working properly when plugged in, however the following problems can occur after restart, or even sleep / standby:

  • "Secured, no internet connection" - Troubleshoot restarts adaptor , but never finishes doing it.
  • in View Network connections - WIFI will be disabled, cannot re-enable at all, even removing re-adding doesn't work.


What I have tried


  • Following the basic plusnet router troubleshooting video, including resetting the device, and currently using the phone socket within the BT Open Reach panel.
  • Checking login details for router (correct, works on all other devices anyway).
  • checked my USB dongle and PLC adaptors on other devices - confirmed working.
  • re-formatted the PC incase of some settings I cannot find.
  • various attempts at troubleshooting within network connects / ipconfig ... no joy, but I'm not great at that stuff yet.
  • My Phone's Tethering functionallity WORKS! However, connection for ViOP/Streaming/Gaming is poor/lag spikes. (Even via USB3)
  • Windows 10 is up to date, motherboard driver is the latest version (updated via UEFI)



What I think

It does seem to point more at the device, possibly the motherboards NiC? Then again, forgive my ignorance but would a USB dongle even rely on the NiC card of the motherboard? seems odd that both methods do not work (feel free to educate me on that one Smiley ). The added curveball being that my phone tethered works, but not up to a good enough standard (and naturally that is a pain to have to maintain)...

Posting here to see if there is any known issues with Windows 10 / Plusnet / Certain motherboards that might cause these issues?


PC specs


Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
Asus Z170-A (Possible culprit?)
Intel i7 Skylake 
Plusnet Hub One
Router Location - 2 walls away in bedroom of a 2 bed flat, I am currently relying on my phone's tethering functionality to even use my PC online. I would happily purchase a PCI Network Interface Card if that is the likely cause, I honestly can't be dealing with ASUS support on the motherboard itself. but I'm not even sure that is the issue yet.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.






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Re: Problem - New PC, New to Plusnet, this device is having a range of connection problems.

Hello @CJones, and Welcome to the Forum.

Because you're in a block of flats you may well not be the only one using power line adapters, so have you secured the channel between the devices (see manual). As regards the NIC and the Dongle neither one depends on the other and I understand your reluctance to deal with Asus. As this is a new PC make sure you have the latest driver for your Windows 10, I am in the middle of building some PCs using ASUS motherboards and I didn't get NIC support for Windows 10 until I installed a driver as there was no support at all for my preferred Windows Core 2012 R2.

At this moment one of them is doing it's Windows update and I saw in the list an updated driver! So try that first, assuming you've not done so already.


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Re: Problem - New PC, New to Plusnet, this device is having a range of connection problems.

Thanks Mook, I will need to check the secured channel issue as I have not done so since moving in, thanks for the reminder.

I can confirm that Windows 10 and my drivers are indeed up to date (forgot to add that in my list of what I did, will amend). I have flashed the motherboard to its latest version as well via the UEFI).

The overall issue seems intermittent as mentioned with the USB dongle, and the PCL working "now and then", but it really is a lottery. 

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Re: Problem - New PC, New to Plusnet, this device is having a range of connection problems.

It's a bit old fashioned and will score jolly badly in the domestic acceptability stakes but I would buy a long network cable and try that.

If you still see problems, my best bet is driver issues for the network card under Windows 10. I spent a good while fighting a WiFi issue on Windows 10 (that seemed to be 5GHz WiFi related in the end) but there seem to be endless hardware issues with Windows 10.

I've also had problems with powerline adaptors which need one end power cycled every few weeks but nothing like as ba





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