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Hi All

When going to "Product Change" then "Change my products" it shows unlimited Fibre at £14.99/month however in a blue box it also says the following

"If you switch your broadband product, we'll reduce your monthly broadband bill for as long as you keep your phone service with Plusnet.".

As I am only considering a change to fibre and keeping my phone service as is with Plusnet, does anyone know if this actually means the cost of unlimited fibre when changing from an existing service would be discounted to less than £14.99/month?

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Re: Pricing

 It means the cost for the unlimited fibre package will be £14.99 a month when you transfer over, plus what ever you pay now for your phone package + line rental.


If you move your phone service to another provider but keep your internet with plus net then you'll pay extra.


I think that's what its trying to say, one of the Plusnet staff should be able to confirm that for you.




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Re: Pricing

Rather than working through Product Change to change your product I suggest giving the Customer Options Team a call on 0800 432 0200 and selecting the "I'm thinking of leaving" option (don't worry about that description). If you ask about package deals they might be able to offer one you find attractive.