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Possibly the worst connection ever.

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Possibly the worst connection ever.

I never thought i would EVER say this but, I miss my Talktalk service because it worked.

Now I've had the fake "fibre" service since the day it launched in my area with talktalk and while I loathe them as a company my connection was NEVER this poor. I'm barely getting 10meg IF the connection can even stay up. The moment we use it it drops out!

I know I have a few more days left of my 10 day training period but this takes the biscuit the service is no where near stable enough to use.

Had to switch over to the Plusnet router to see if this helps but it is worse than my netgear d7000. I also found out that you can not use 10.x.x.x ranges due to them being reserved!
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Re: Possibly the worst connection ever.

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Re: Possibly the worst connection ever.

There are so many misunderstandings and misconceptions its a bit hard to know where to start!

Fake Fibre - ? GTTC - Fibre to the cabinet - how is this fake - Talk Talk offer the exact same service!

Your comment about using the PN router and 10.x.x.x service I don't understand is that on the PN router or the D700As it happens I too have a D7000, more than happy with it - then I again I researched what it can do - use DSL stats to monitor the line performance.


I confess I have not had Talk Talk, not sure I ever would, but if it worked for you, might I suggest a bit more working out why it did - the more technical understanding you have, the better service you will get from any ISP.


By the way, FTTC training period of 10 days is another myth - so connection - do you mean the DSL connection - or the Wi-Fi connection?

Sorry to nit pick on technical details, just trying to help you pin point your issues.




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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Possibly the worst connection ever.

Hi @battletux,


I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing these issues with your connection. I've taken a look into this issue today and I can see that you're connection does indeed appear to be dropping out as can be seen in the image below, but upon testing the line we're unable to determine what's causing the issue.



As this is the case I'd recommend at this stage to try following the remaining troubleshooting steps which can be found in the guides here and here.


Please let us know how you get on with it and if you continue to experience any further issues so we can look into arranging for an engineer to come out and investigate further.

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 Alex H
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