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Poor speeds

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Poor speeds

Ive been having issues with speeds since changing to plusnet, however it has gotten much worse latley, I raised a fault earlier in the month and was told that the bandwidth had been reset, also the advice from plusnet was to buy a better router as WIFI connection was so poor we could hardly use it. We live in a small 2 bed bungalow which is literaly 10 paces from front to back, the router is in the middle and we go from 4 bars of WIFI in living room with router to 2 or sometimes 1 bar when at front or back of bungalow(5 paces away). Anyway I bought a new router wich has made a big differance to WIFI owever overall speeds are terrible, normal download whilst plugged in with a network cable is between 10mb and 20mb and fluctuates greatly we are on fiber plus so should be getting around 39mb minimum. I am really regretting changing to plusnet, we have had broadband here for many years at supposidly lesser speed with little issue. Ive raised another fault today so will wait to see if anything can be done. Ive undergone all the checks I can find on the forums etc to no avail. lease please help or please let me gt out of this contract, cant bare to think we are stuck with this for another year.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Poor speeds

Hi @Tim71,


Thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear of the problem with your broadband and appreciate your new router has made some difference but not with overall speed. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may have been causing you.


I have carried out some diagnostic tests on your phone and broadband and have responded here.


Please can you respond to the ticket and let us know here that you have done so.


Thanks - LF

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