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Poor speed and latency issues for over a year

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Poor speed and latency issues for over a year

I've been experiencing issues with poor speeds for some time now. On the Fibre Unlimited package we are supposed to get 31 Mbps guaranteed, but I've flagged to customer services and tech support a number of times that simply isn't being reached. It was when we started with Plusnet, but over the years it has gradually dropped off and now sits around 21/22 Mbps (as tested on BT Wholesale Speedtest).


In addition to this degradation of service, we have constantly had difficulty with latency spikes. I would say 2 or 3 times an hour the latency jumps dramatically (from having run speed tests and ping tests) and will hover around 200ms for a while. That normally wouldn't be a large issue, but there is evidently some packet loss (as can be seen from the ping tests and from the complete breakdown in service whilst the latency spikes are in process).


I've been in contract until now and it is due to expire in 4 days. So far I've spoken with tech support a few times, replaced the router, tested the router through the test socket, and nothing has improved. I suggested to one of your customer support members that they should try putting us on the improved package for a week to see if that improved the speeds, to root out the issue but they wouldn't do it. Then they put me through to the tech support team and into a 45 minute queue...


Please can you look into this. If Plusnet can't supply the service it guarantees that is disappointing and I would like refunding for the many months Plusnet has failed to comply with its own assurances and guarantees. After 5 years of being a customer it is frustrating that the problem has just been left and unless I really cause a fuss it won't get solved.


EDIT -  I should add that this is experienced on both WiFi and cabled machines within the household, it isn't a WiiFi or device issue.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Poor speed and latency issues for over a year

Thanks for getting in touch @CJA1 

I'm sorry for the problems. Together with our network partners at Openreach we are prioritising customers who don’t have a phone line or broadband connection, meaning there might be a delay in speed faults being fixed. In the meantime, please raise your speed fault online at

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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team