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Poor FTTP speed/Very Inconsistent

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Registered: ‎28-11-2010

Poor FTTP speed/Very Inconsistent

As the title says i have FTTP, have done for over a year now. Generally its been ok. I usually dont get the estimated speed of 80/20 but im ok with what i do get, thats between 30-50mb/s  down and 20-25mb/s up.
I now have a problem, since last night around 8pm, my speed dropped drmatically to around 5mb/s and even with restarting the router wouldnt improve much above 9-10mb/s. This continued until about midday today when i ran a speed test and it came back at 74mb/s. I thought oh ok they must of been doing something to the line and now its better, ideal. No. Again around 7pm tonight, back down to 10mb/s. I do realise that this is peak time etc but i have never been throttled before. is this throttling? I am a heavy user, play a lot of games, we have 2 kids which have tablets etc and a media centre downstairs which we use to stream tv and films. Can anyone at PN shed some light on this?
I have raised a ticket No: 97418960. yet to get a answer on whats wrong. I have done traceroutes etc and am now monitoring my line and it looks like there is significant packet loss?

Here is a speedtest also.

Any ideas?