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Plusnet tell me everything is fixed - but it is definitely not

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Plusnet tell me everything is fixed - but it is definitely not

My ongoing evening speed drops have resulted in PlusNet continuing to try to resolve the issue. The speed-drop profile is the same as a number of other people on the same exchange (but on different cabinets and with different ISPs) and is classic congestion.
PlusNet's "supplier" insists that there are no problems at all at the exchange, and all paths are green. PlusNet also decided that it must be some sort of profile mismatch, so they ceased my connection and reinstated it to reset everything and told me that the problem has been solved.
This evening speed dropped from 58/18 at 1730 today to 7/2 (yes 2) at 2110. Fortunately, I've tested on the BT speed test site (the last couple on TAP3) so PlusNet will see the results.
So, PlusNet, the problem has not been solved!
PlusNet doesn't seem to want to listen to the fact that many other users are being affected (OK, they're not PlusNet users, but surely a problem like this requires stepping away a bit to understand the issues).
They also tell me that there are no outstanding faults on the exchange logs .... this is simply not true, as there are three users that I know of who have this problem logged with their suppliers and with BT.
I feel as if nobody is listening to any of us, and PlusNet is happy to be fobbed off but their suppliers. And this has been going on for weeks. It's also particularly irritating that responses from PlusNet are very very slow.
I have sent BT's CEO an email to complain, and also to the local Regional Director. The next step is the press and OFCOM (the press is already sniffing around the story).
But ultimately, what can any of us do.
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Re: Plusnet tell me everything is fixed - but it is definitely not

Hi emtee,
The comments you have added to the fault ticket this morning have been passed back for the faults team's attention.  Please could you wait to hear back from them before running any more speed tests via the BT Wholesale speed tester, as the current results we have saved show poor results on the TAP 3 which we need to use as proof of a network issue when discussing with Wholesale.  Any speed tests ran from this point would replace the results currently stored.
The faults team will be back in touch shortly with a further update.  Thanks