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Plusnet not responding. Tickets being closed. Broadband down. Phone intermittent

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Registered: ‎25-02-2021

Plusnet not responding. Tickets being closed. Broadband down. Phone intermittent


I'm in the south wales area.

I raised a complaint on the 15th October but plusnet have not responded. Does anyone know where to find the complaint's procedure for plusnet?

Our home phone and broadband was cancelled without our knowledge or consent in August 2020 and we've had nothing but issues since then trying to resolve it.

Upon contacting Plusnet, there was deep confusion over if this account was being closed or moved. No one could tell us why it was cancelled, or was due to move.We certainly didn't request it.

Plusnet could not reactivate our account and we were without broadband for several weeks. The phone was intermittent, and the phone line intermittently worked with a temporary number. Our home broadband was off for several weeks and it has failed again today.

16th August 2020 we advised we wanted to keep the original number, and we were informed this would take 3-4 working days.

20th August we were told this would actually take 10-12 working days and it would start as of today, and not of the 16th. We were still without broadband. We were provided with a temporary number which also did not work on this date.

8th September the service was still not working correctly and Plusnet were “looking into it”. This is the last communication we received from Plusnet for a very long time. Most of our communication was ignored from this point.

27th September we still did not have the old number restored. The phone line remained intermittent.

Plusnet did not respond.

8th October we contacted Plusnet again informing Plusnet now neither the temporary number or our old number was working.

Plusnet did not respond.

15th October We chase for a third time. We attempted to chase via twitter, the online chat and requested a refund for the inactive period and asked that we now open a formal complaint.

16th October Plusnet finally responded but only stating that the issue was still being “checked”. They also then placed out fault on hold until the 18th.

On the 18th it was off hold, but Plusnet still did not respond.

On the 11th December 2020 we chased again explaining we are still experiencing issues with the phone line, that our dial tone was unusual. We detailed that the tone has a gap in the sound, similar to an engaged tone. The line had also been cut off twice during telephone conversations without us or the other party opting to do so.

17th December Plusnet acknowledged the issues, such as that with the dial tone. We were told the technical team are looking into this.

17th December we were once again placed on hold, now until the 21st.

On the 21st, we did not receive a response.

On the 12th January 2021 Plusnet apologises for the delay, but confirmed the number transfer was complete. We received no update to the intermittent phone line and dial tone issues.

12th January we wrote back to Plusnet informing them the issue persists.

18th January a number of log entries were made to the ticket that we do not understand and seemed to be internal communications. One however did ask for an explanation of the issues.

We had already provided an explanation of the issues. Plusnet had already confirmed these issues and said they were checking them.

25th February The phone line is still intermittent, the dial tone is still unusual, in all the same ways as described above and to Plusnet previously. Additionally the broadband is now not working, again, either.

Upon logging in to inform Plusnet that as well as the existing issues Plusnet should be addressing, the broadband is also malfunctioning, I find the ticket has been closed and we are unable to add any further information to the ticket.

I have followed all the troubleshooting steps the router provides but I'm stuck in a loop. I've tried resetting the password to the router, as each time it would show the "PPP" connecting stage, it would just resolve back to the login page, so to make sure it wasn't an authentication issue, I did a reset. I also tried a password override. I also tried the "reset" option on the router but none of this provides me with an internet connection. It randomly cut out at about 1am.

I have tried contacting Plusnet via phone but the lines are closed. The chat is also closed. The website directs me to twitter. I have left a message there and on facebook but this doesn't seem like the best method.

I have logged another ticket, despite the last one being closed without the issue being fixed and without our consent.

I have never recieved a reply to the complaint logged on the 15th October 2020.

Does anyone know how to proceed?


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