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Plusnet! much better contact needed

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Plusnet! much better contact needed

We swapped over from Sky to Plusnet during October 2019 - for the better, or so I thought.

since changing over, our fibre bb speeds have actually permanently dropped and so far I’ve not been able to do anything to improve this. We also had a very noisy phone line, which an engineer was sent out and he replaced some ancient wiring which seemed to improve the phone line at least. But, the next day the noise was back intermittently and has been like that ever since. So, in January 2020, I called Plusnet again, as the bb was constantly dropping out & the phone line was still noisy/quiet/noisy/ etc

They sent another engineer out, who tested the line and listened etc & told me that there was definitely a problem with the line, but HE could not locate it. he said it could be anywhere along the line. He told me to call Plusnet again and next time to go through the bb side of things instead of the phone line side of things - & we might be able to actually get something done about it!

I couldn’t pursue it then so had to put up with it as we were due to leave the country for 4 weeks, so thought I’d continue with the search for an answer when we return in March.

well - we are still away & I have just received an email stating that the engineer couldn’t find a fault and they are charging me £65 for the engineers visit!  I’m livid!  the engineer apparently put on his report that it was ok when he tested it?  but it’s NOT ok!!  It still crackles, it still drops out 30 times a day - & we can barely get half  speed we are meant to get.  What makes this all the more frustrating is that I can’t get in touch with anyone!  no email address & not even online chat is open!   If anyone has any information- it’d be greatly received!

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Re: Plusnet! much better contact needed

As for contacting Plusnet, they said a week or so ago that Live Chat is closed. You may find the odd link around on old web pages but I doubt it can be used now.

Remaining options are the telephone, these forums (if a staff member picks your post up  - you could PM any that are on line - tthey are listed at the bottom of this page: ), Facebook and Twitter.

There never has been email contact but there was the ticketing system but that was closed some time ago apart from a few very specific subjects (access via the Manage Account>Help Assistant page on the Members Centre.

Yes, I agree, there could be much better ways to contact them.

Hope you can get this sorted.


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Re: Plusnet! much better contact needed

I would echo the comments from  @jgb about the absence of easy ways to communicate with Plusnet.

However there is one other way to communicate in a situation such as yours and that would be to raise a complaint. There is a link at the botton of this web page for "Complaints Code of Practice" start there, follow through the "how to complain" and use the "Help Assistant" to raise a ticket.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet! much better contact needed

Hi @Hofam


I am really sorry to hear this.


I've now addressed your concerns via a ticket on your account. You can view and respond to the ticket here.


Please let us know if we have any further questions!

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 Katie C
 Plusnet Help Team