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Plusnet Speed Problems

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Plusnet Speed Problems

I switched from BT to Plusnet (I wish I didn't) and my Internet speed is haywire, one minute, it's gen 1 ADSL speed, and one minute it's the full 60Mb connection. At one time, the broadband was just not working at all. I contacted PN they said I needed 10 days for the line to adjust - it's been 5 at ToW. They ran diagnostics at their end, they said that there was no problems at all, and coming back at good speeds.

I asked them if it was normal for the broadband to go from fast, to crawling in this time period and huge speed swings? They said yes, it does happen occasionally.

I tried troubleshooting with them saying I think it's a problem with the router, because I couldn't even connect to the router's admin page. Then it said connected, then disconnected to the Internet. PN just shrugged their shoulders and said no one knows what the problem is. I tried explaining that I shouldn't have any problems connecting the router itself. They just shrugged their shoulders.

They would have to call out Openreach to check my line, and they said if there was no problem, I would have to pay for it, which I understand, or wait the 10 days, without Internet, and then they will send someone out from Openreach.

So, I decided to just do a factory reset of the router, which actually helped significantly. My Internet is still a bit stuttery, but is much more stable than it was before, and I do have Internet, speed still fluctuates significantly. My upload speed is nearly always consistently around the 10Mpbs and faster than the download speed.

But I'm surprised that it takes 10 days for the line to calm down, especially when I'm just going to another BT owned business.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Re: Plusnet Speed Problems

@HarberCandelar  Welcome to the forum.

I would bet that you are testing over wireless? If so then see if it’s more stable using an Ethernet cable.

The easy solution if you have a BT Smarthub 6 is to use that. All that you have to do is plug it in the mains. Switch off your Plusnet hub but do not transfer the DSL cable yet. Log in to your Smarthub at and go to the Advanced/Broadband settings. Change your username from the BT one to your new Plusnet account name followed by change the password to your account password. Save if you have the option else don’t worry it will save automatically. Now plug in your DSL cable and click connect if it’s showing disconnected.

This also works with the older BT HH5 (the Hub One is a HH5a with tweeked firmware).

When your account was switched over the DLM would have been reset so you have to wait for it to automatically retune to your line, hence it might well take a little time to get back to your previous speed.


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