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Plusnet Router

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Plusnet Router

How do I go about ordering a plusnet router? I think my current Draytek 2860 is having issues on WAN1. It connect to plusnet and im able to use various services but im unable to browse web pages at all. WAN2 (virgin) WAN3 (Three) function perfectly.


I discovered this today as Virgin went down. I switch the default route on the Draytek over to WAN1. Skype works, P2P works but I cant browse at all.


Could it be an issue on the ISP side?

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Re: Plusnet Router

unless you are out of contract and willing to take a new one it's an expensive option (about £100), otherwise you need to call up and pay 6.99 delivery.

you can pick up a bt home hub or a pn hub one quite cheaply on ebay or there are plenty of other routers that are better for the money.

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