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Plusnet Hub - big drop in 2.4Ghz speed

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Plusnet Hub - big drop in 2.4Ghz speed

My 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands are uncoupled.


On my laptop, which supports both frequencies, the speeds for both used to be similar and reaching the max speed of my broadband connection (36Mbps). On my phone, which only supports 2.4Ghz, I don't remember ever being able to get more than 8Mbps - I've tried to research whether it's some limitation of the phone's wifi (it's a cheaper Motorola pone), but I've given up and lived with it.


Now, I just noticed a drastic drop in the speed of 2.4Ghz on both my laptop and phone. At the moment, the laptop is showing about 1.33Mbps speed and phone 0.56Mbps. I experimented with manual channel selection for 2.4Ghz but no luck (by the way - the automatic "smart wireless" didn't actually choose the least crowded channel).


There are only 2 changes that happened recently. I had an update pushed to my hub as I was having issues with the 5Ghz band. I also added a wired connection to my desktop, but at the moment as I'm doing these tests this is inactive.


What could be the cause of these strange happenings?