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Plusnet Hub One - Firewall?

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Plusnet Hub One - Firewall?

Had a look at the Hub One setup - I'm an old hand at such things.


Bit disappointed that I couldn't do what I thought a firewall should do - block specific domains.


I looked at your safeguard options and thought I'd give it a go - enabled it, restarted the hub and entered a domain name to block as a test.

It didn't work, then I noticed a message at the top of the Safeguard screen that said it could take 2 hours for any changes to take effect!

Can I have a PROPER hub/firewall please?


I need control of my access not corporate (slow) oversight


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Re: Plusnet Hub One - Firewall?

You can have as good a router as you can afford but in exchange for effectively a free one (you only pay P&P), not courtesy of Plusnet. The PN router is a rebadged BT Home Hub 5A. Unfortunately if you want something better you have to put your hand in your pocket.