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Plusnet - Fibre Broadband - Cuffley Herts

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Plusnet - Fibre Broadband - Cuffley Herts

Hi Everyone,

I am eagerly awaiting the result of an offer on a property located in Cuffley Herts just north of Enfield where I currently reside.

Although the Rightmove website states that fast broadband is available in this area, I was wondering whether there are any other PlusNet customers in Cuffley, who can confirm that fibre broadband is currently online.

I provide a lot of Remote Support to a couple of hundred users and broadband speed is quite important. In Enfield I am getting anything between 70 - 80Mbps ( today was 76.5).





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Re: Plusnet - Fibre Broadband - Cuffley Herts

Try looking at the ThinkBroadband speed map Show Cuffley Speed test and zoom in to see the speeds. It looks like Virgin is available in some areas there with some results show over 100Mbps for Virgin.

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Re: Plusnet - Fibre Broadband - Cuffley Herts

You could try putting the postcode of the property into the BT DSL Checker. Better still if you have it's phone number and it's a BT line, put that in.

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Re: Plusnet - Fibre Broadband - Cuffley Herts

Rightmove only checks the exchange, it said my house had super fast fibre when it only had ADSL @ 2.5 meg, the exchange was enabled but the cab wasn't. Happy to say cab has since been enablef, but info on rightmove was wrong at the time. BT DSL checker will give most accurate results.