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Plusnet Customer Support --- where is it, and what good is it, when it is needed?

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Plusnet Customer Support --- where is it, and what good is it, when it is needed?

No.. I didn't want to post this in some obscure 'never responded t'o and 'hopefully soon buried and forgotten' Feedback forum,......... or moved there.
It was relevant to Fibre Broadband and I wanted it to be seen, noticed, and some positive response/outcome. Is that to much to ask?

In light of the negative response to the opportunity originally proposed, I now encourage others to either comment with support, or criticism, of my post. Lets see if my voice is the only currently discontented voice around here!!!


9 hours ago

OK... having viewed/witnessed the debacle of this mornings fibre broadband saga, and now having had time to sleep and think on it.. I have decided it is time my voice was heard.

I hope not everyone will immediately jump to comment in reply, until Plusnet have had a chance to say their piece.
(EDIT: In view of the reaction to my original post so far, I have crossed through the above sentence)

Fact: I was unceremoniously disconnected, more than once, from my connection to the big internet world this yesterday morning. I was also pretty certain it wasn't my equipments fault, nor my vdsl connection to the BT interface.

This not being the first time this has happened in the last few days. I decided to contact Plusnet Customer Service by phone this morning... and joined an expected wait of some 30 mins queue time... there being, at the time, no info anywhere online, when I had intermittent connection while waiting, to suggest how big a problem the troubles might be.
When I did get through to Support, I was immediately treated like I knew nothing, and given general fob of type suggestions, etc to try and solve my issues. Eventually we got down to being a bit more constructive.... but even so, Customer Support seemed to have no awareness of the bigger problem, even though my support call continued some minutes after a post was eventually made on 'Current Status of our Network' support page.

To be honest... the support effort today felt like it was shambolic.

Surely the number of support calls in the queue was a first 'heads up' to something other than routine happening.

The internet now, is seen by many, and even the Government, as an 'essential service', and I wouldn't disagree with that view.

However, long seem to have gone the days when Plusnets Customer Support was revered, and one which often swayed people to become customers of Plusnet for the supply their internet access service.

Plusnet now swallowed up by a big conglomerate, who no doubt have board memebers who dictate some of their wants, Plusnet, now an acting face to the public for them, appear to be being used to grab more of its customers cash, for a diminishing quality of service, if not in the internet provision, certainly in the support function.
If one looks at the forthcoming price rises, please explain to me how come such a large percentage increase can be justified given current inflation, and the current economic climate of the last few years.

If the current support service standard I witnessed today, was what we could expect to receive from a call to the police, or our electricity provider, in similar circumstances, I think there would be a real outcry for something to be done.

I know in this current age, we appear to live in an even more 'cash cut-throat' economy, but there is a limit to what people will put up with.
Unfortunately, just like looking for an alternative government strategy/government, alternative options for an internet provider are also somewhat limited, in the main, because so many of them are also provided using the same resources.

I am not one to want to get into a slanging match online.... so, if someone of a level of influence within Plusnet would wish to converse with me privately, I am more than willing to converse with them, and hope something constructive can be learned by both sides.

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Re: Plusnet Customer Support --- where is it, and what good is it, when it is needed?

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