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Plusnet AS6871 peering issues

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Plusnet AS6871 peering issues



So the massive outage Plusnet had last week (which lasted over an hour) across the nation appear to be related to AS6871 dropping all peering networks other than BT. Following on from this, connectivity to neighboring countries and peering across other networks has been awful.


Here you can see the peers for AS6871 and the sudden drop to just BT Communications:

In contrast to this, here's another ASN for Sky: - note the peers.


Whilst this doesn't necessarily have an impact on download speeds and such, it has had a drastic effect on ping and packet loss to pretty much routed by LiNX (to the outside world).


Plusnet, any info on this?

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Re: Plusnet AS6871 peering issues


Two very interesting links. The Plusnet AS seems to primarily connect to a BT AS.

There is a graphical representation at:

It seems that Plusnet are routing all traffic outside their network via BT.

Did this used not to be the case ?


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Re: Plusnet AS6871 peering issues

Indeed, I can't imagine PN will leave 100Gbps of peering connectivity idle ( - but it would certainly be good to understand what's going on.