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Ping Spikes

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Ping Spikes

I've been getting random spikes in my latency recently while gaming. Even though my ping according to speed tests is 14ms and stable at 3mb/s (much lower than promised, still, btw. But I've given up complaining since its fast enough to do what I need to do).
When gaming my ping usually hovers around 25-35ms, but every 30 seconds or so I get a huge 300ms-700ms ping spike for a few seconds before falling back to normal. This is making gaming practically unplayable. It doesn't happen all the time but some times I'll get it for a few hours here and there. As a result it can't be to do with my WiFi signal as otherwise I'd get the issue all times of day and night rather than only occasionally.
Is there anything I can do to either fix this, or is the problem not at my end? Download speed stays fairly constant despite this. I've already invested in a cheap WiFi extender, but it's made no difference so far. If anyone can recommend a better one that will work it'd be much appreciated.
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Re: Ping Spikes

have you tried it Wired ?? via home plugs
Then you can rule out wifi  which is never good for gaming
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