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Performance degrades to un-usable during bad weather

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Performance degrades to un-usable during bad weather

It's come this time of year again, and my connection has gone downhill with the weather as usual. Each year I request someone looks at this and report that it's triggered by wind and heavy rain, but each year an engineer pops out, confirms it isn't anything in my internal wiring and does "something" and my speeds and stability increase for a week, but never are fixed fully until the weather calms, and never do they go back to the original line speed I had with BT, or plusnet in the first year.

 Back in my BT days I was getting 65-70mb sync AND download speeds. Transferred to plusnet and that dropped to 56, but I didn't really mind much. As of today it's dropped to 39 (6 below my guaranteed minimum) and never gets above 50. What's even worse it it's horrendously unstable.

  • Product: Unlimited Fibre Extra
  • Estimated Download Range: 51 - 71Mbps
  • Estimated Upload Range: 13 - 18Mbps
  • Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 46.5Mbps

I have a few services that require a permanent VPN connection to function, these drop out regularly on this line. They don't drop out via a 4G shared hotspot via my phone! Netflix has a constant fit at the drop outs. Only some of the drop-outs show up as full disconnects of the line, many don't show up as a disconnect for the line, but the delays in the communication cause the VPN to drop connection.

This always happens during wind and heavy rain but I think the slow reduction in line speed is clear indication that there's line degredation. Clearly this is a regular feature of Glasgow.My line is very short, but comes over a long dropwire across the back gardens, and I'm not sure if the (primarily) wind-related timing indicates the dropwire is failing, or it's co-incidental, but I've debugged enough electronics problems to know that if you have intermittent signal issues, and you have dangling wires in the wind, they're usually going hand in hand!



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