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Packetloss over the last month or so (Unrelated to Storm Angus)

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Packetloss over the last month or so (Unrelated to Storm Angus)


I've been having some severe packetloss with several services, games and products lately, I noticed it start about a month ago. The most notable and common that I can think might effect a large number of people is for the game "Path of Exile" and "Skype"

I'm getting huge amounts of packetloss and I've tried everything possible with the router and computer so it's not an issue on my end.

I opened a support ticket on Monday, however I still haven't received a reply to it... seems like PlusNet should hire more staff because having to wait 72+ hours to fix the internet to allow me to actually use my internet as this is currently effecting over 75% of what I use the internet for.

I've tried:
- Restarted Router & PC
- Tried on other computers.
- Disabling PC's Firewall/Antivirus.
- Making sure all programs are closed.
- Disabling Firewall in the router.
- Enabling DMZ for my computers IP in the router.
- Disabling/Enabling UPnP in the router.
- Tried OpenDNS, GoogleDNS and my ISP's own DNS servers.
- Enabling/Disabling VPN Port Clamping
- Static & Dynamic IP's inside the local network.
- Factory reset my router & re-connected to my ISP.
- Probably other things but I can't remember.



Below is a WinMTR report from my main computer:


Below is a WinMTR report from a spare computer:


Below is a 10 minute report with PingPlotter on my main computer:



Below is a tracert report on my main computer:


The company behind Path of Exile suggested that I contact my ISP and get the routing changed/fixed as most people who get massive packet loss like I am getting is normally an ISP routing issue.

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Re: Packetloss over the last month or so (Unrelated to Storm Angus)

So... update on this issue:

I contacted Plusnet via live chat on one day (can't remember what day) about this issue, they claimed that there was no fault on my line.


I contacted Plusnet Wednesday because I still hadn't received any reply on my issue after 72 hours had passed, they ran another line test and it showed up an fault on my line.


The line test showed that the fault was:

Fault Type: NDT
Test Results: Test Result: Fail - Fault located at exchange (Openreach side of MDF)
Description: FAULT - Dis in exchange

I'm unsure how the fault can be NDT when my home phone was working fine, I could make and receive calls just fine without any interference or issues.

They gave me a estimated fix/response date to be 25/11/2016 which is yet another 2 days waiting for the issue to be resolved.

I received a call on Friday (25th) from the openreach engineer saying that a fault was on my line and that it looked like someone had done something wrong in the exchange and that he was going to fix it. (He wasn't very loud/clear on the phone)

Plusnet put the ticket on hold until the 26th and ran a test on the line which gave the following:

Main Fault Location: FU (Fault located at exchange (Openreach side of MDF))
Fault Code: NDT (No Dial Tone)
Clear Code: 4.0
Clear Message: FNF MDF

I tested my internet and the packetloss was exactly the same as before, I had to wait a further 2 days for a response from Plusnet, of which they said a fault was on the line still this time:

Fault Type: Packet loss
Test Results: FAULT - Dis in exchange
Estimated Resolution Time: Wednesday, the 30th of November 2016


That's a further 2 days... so in total since I've opened the issue it's been 9 days and it's still not resolved.

I just checked my home phone and sometime during the day it appears that we've lost phone connectivity, the phone just shows "No line" and there is no dial tone at all... Internet is still "working" but the phone is currently not working.


I've been waiting in the line for way too long...I'm trying to ask about my phone line and renew my contract :/



















Beyond a joke...


That's not even funny... I waited several hours, slowly but surely got down to 1 left in the queue only for them to close their chat.

Hilariously you can sit in the queue all night and in the morning it puts you first in the queue: xJ7yRIV

Shame I wasn't around at the time.

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Re: Packetloss over the last month or so (Unrelated to Storm Angus)

So, another update.

I contacted Plusnet via Chat and had a talk with one of their support staff who told me that the only thing that can be done is wait for the engineer to resolve the problem. 

I waited until the 30th and their reply was:

Our suppliers have informed us they have cleared a fault on your line. They believe this has rectified the issue you reported to us.

However, I went and checked my home phone line and as I expected it still has no line. They put the post on hold and I tried to contact Plusnet by chat again but as before, I couldn't get through.

So the next day I decided to reply to the ticket saying that the issue still isn't resolved, to which Plusnet re-raised the ticket to the suppliers for further investigation and gave me an estimated time of response to be 05/12/16... that's 5 more days! They put the ticket on hold until the 4th of December and understandably my patience is wearing thin so I replied with the following:


This should be raised as an urgent issue, I shouldn't have to be waiting 8 days without a working phone line and over 15 days with terrible internet quality.

I had already given plusnet time to detect and fix the first problem before I opened a ticket but it was never detected and fixed, hence the ticket.

Since the opening of the ticket and the engineer claiming to have fixed my issue, it's got worse (No phone line)... So the engineer has clearly broken something.

It should have also been tested after the engineer went out to "fix" it and you/they would see that I have no phone line.

Unacceptable quite frankly.

To which, instead of giving me an actual reply Plusnet put it on hold again which is pretty rude I must say.

It appears that the engineer was doing something with our line about 45 minutes ago, because we had 30 minutes of downtime where the router couldn't reach the local exchange; Internet is backup but still has massive packetloss and the phone line is still down.