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Packet loss(?) while playing League of Legends

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Registered: ‎30-04-2016

Packet loss(?) while playing League of Legends

I'm getting seemingly random packet loss (I think) while playing League of Legends. The game is quite negatively impacted when there are random drops happening quite often.


I've tried different computers, different cables, I even got a new router from Plusnet (the hub one to replace my technicolor) and it didn't solve the issue. The support guy on the phone ran some line tests and said there were no problems. From all of this I can conclude it's not on my end.


After reading the forums about the issue, which seems to be common recently, I tried some other users' solutions such as disconnecting & reconnecting, even rebooting my router several times, even powering it off for 15 minutes, and weirdly got the exact same IP address and the psb-ar01 gateway every time (I don't have the static IP add-on). That never happened in the past, I always got a new IP address after disconnecting or rebooting the router. I assume because I keep getting the same gateway and IP address that the rebooting the router solution isn't going to cut it for me this time...


I contacted the company who run the game, Riot's support, about the issue before I made this post and they told me from the network analysis I gave them that there was an issue with fragmentation / ISP packet loss and I should contact Plusnet. Below is some of the network diagnostic information I got - a screenshot of a traceroute to Riot's EU server first, and a link to the Berkeley University network analysis result.