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Packet loss and fluctuating download speeds

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Packet loss and fluctuating download speeds

I noticed the fibre connection was struggling every now and then the past week buffering youtube and generally being inconsistent, however gaming was fine.

Since yesterday I've struggled to game online without rubber-banding due to connection dropouts (not disconnections).

My IP is in the 1 range which I noticed some discussion about before.

Using ethernet not wifi.

I've run a bunch of tests to determine the cause and I seem to have a fluctuating download speed, and a lot of packet loss.

Your post about pre-tests and troubleshooting seems outdated so I've tried another router, reset everything, turned off the fibre box for a while etc. Tried the BTWholesale tests and other tests which I will attach:

Pingtest reports anywhere from 14-60% loss, btwholesale connected as their test username advised the service was found to be performing poorly.








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Re: Packet loss and fluctuating download speeds


Welcome to the forums

It seems like you may have an issue which requires a fault to be logged. The link to do so is


Which currently says


Broadband Fault Checker temporarily unavailable

The Broadband Troubleshooter is currently unavailable due to maintenance work.

To find out when it'll be back online, please check Service Status.

If you need to report a problem with your broadband now, give our Support Team a call on 0845 140 0200.

However from an email yesterday = Fault troubleshooter maintenance - 20th July 17:30 - 21st July 10:00 - so should be back soon.

You can subscribe to Plusnet status emails at