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PS4 NAT Type Issues

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Registered: ‎22-06-2020

PS4 NAT Type Issues

Hi, first post here so apologies if not in the correct category.


Basically we are having issues with Plusnet broadband/router and our PS4's with one game in particular (Call of Duty).


I'm connected by Ethernet but It usually kicks me out of the PS4 party chat first saying nat type issue, then it will kick me out of the game, but our other PS4 in the same game usually stays in fine, apparently it's because i'm the host too? 


Appears to be something to do with the NAT type apparently being set to type 2 for the PS4, plusnet told me their routers cannot be changed to NAT type 1 and advised me to buy a TP Link gaming router (ranging from £150 to £400!!)


List of things I've tried...

  • Giving PS4 static IP address (apparently this can help?)
  • DMZ'd the ethernet PS4
  • Port forwarded the numbers found on most websites for call of duty modern warfare

I did all this and it seemed fine for a few days, i moved the router slightly yesterday and took ethernet out and back in can;t remember if same slot and think the PS4 IP may have changed and caused an issue again?

Done it all again from scratch, party chat kicked me out again but game stayed in.


Just wondering what I can do? Looking at TP Link routers but some saying HUB can't be put in modem mode, is this correct?


Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're now over our 14 days cooling offer period otherwise we would just cancel and go back to SKY who we never had any issues with.