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PPP Closed: Remote Terminating (PPPoE) - Draytek Router

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PPP Closed: Remote Terminating (PPPoE) - Draytek Router

I've been using PN Fibre Broadband for well over a year now with no problems at all . Recently I've started seeing multiple disconnects and reconnects on my Draytek Router (2860) which is connected directly to the VDSL line and is not going through the BTOR modem.
The router reports PPP Closed: Remote Terminating (PPPoE) and then connects again within 30 seconds but these drop outs are causing issues with hosted websites etc. and the dropout happens around 5 times in a 24 hour period and does not seem to be related to the amount of traffic etc.
Physical connection up and down speeds remain stable with an SNR margin of around 13dB and Loop attenuation of 9dB and have been like this since before the problem started.
I have tried going back to older versions of firmware in the router (i.e from when things were really stable, but the problem is still there with the older versions. Current version is 3.8.2 with VDSL Firmware 574307_A/B/C running)
Any thoughts on where to look to get this connection more stable would be appreciated.

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Re: PPP Closed: Remote Terminating (PPPoE) - Draytek Router

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