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PLEASE, PLEASE Can someone help?

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Registered: ‎10-03-2015

PLEASE, PLEASE Can someone help?

Hi all - I am stuck in a loop with the tremendously bad 'support' team at Plusnet and cannot seem to make anyone understand so any help you can give me would be great!
I  have a fault on my fibre
I reported the fault on my fibre and went through troubleshooting with the operative who then said she would raise a fault ticket. This included checking equipment and speedtest results using the BT Wholesale Speed Test (which indicated a problem)
She failed to raise a fault ticket.
In the meantime she raised 2 other tickets, 1 telling me to do a speed test (which had been done) and the other asking me to go through the checks at faults.plusnet (which I had already done). But I went through the faults.plusnet to receive a message telling me that plusnet has all the information it needs and would raise a fault.
No fault is raised
I reply to the ticket pointing this out.
No fault is raised.
I then get an update asking me to go through the faults at faults.plusnet (for the 3rd time). I do this and receive a message saying that plusnet have all the info needed and a fault is being raised.
No fault is raised
Then I get an update asking me to go through the faults.plusnet (see the picture here?) and yet again I get the same message.
So I yet again try to explain in really simple terms that I have now done this 5 times so please can they actually fix the fault which has now been almost a week!
And then I get another update - yes you guessed it - apologies blah blah please could I complete the troubleshooter at AGAIN!!
So again I click the link and again I get the message
It seems to me that the tech support team at plusnet dont do anything except click buttons to throw complaints back at their customers rather than actually do something.
The annoying thing is that my line was supposed to have already been checked yet I keep getting told my line will be checked and then I get the same message again.
I already started a topic about the actual problem on here but didnt get any actual help.
Just in case I'm missing something out, when I click the faults.plusnet link the message I get is:
Thanks, you've given us all the information we need to investigate your problem
A Ticket has been raised to our Faults Team with these details. We'll contact you as soon as we have more information and let you know what happens next.
In the meantime, we'll run some more tests on your telephone line over the next 24 hours.
You can help us by:
Leaving your equipment plugged in and switched on.
Making sure you've given us a contact number we can reach you on. If you've given us a mobile number we'll text you to keep you updated.
Please contact us if you need to provide a different contact number, or if there's any change to the problem you're having.

So it says a ticket HAS been raised to the Faults Team yet I have now received this message 6 times!!!! And nothing whatsoever gets done
Posts: 20
Registered: ‎10-03-2015

Re: PLEASE, PLEASE Can someone help?

I'd like to thank the Plusnet Facebook team for their speedy and quick help where the tech Support Team totally failed.
I was so upset with Plusnet's terrible service that I pasted the above post onto their Facebook page.
Within minutes I had a reply asking for my username.
Just a few minutes later I had a reply from the Facebook team saying that they'd done a line check and had indeed found a fault on the line, and they'd booked an engineer. They fast-tracked it and an engineer already in the area picked it up and appears to have resolved it straight away - my speeds are back to normal.
5 minutes work from someone at Plusnet who actually cares has resolved my problem whereas the team tasked to actually deal with it have spent almost a week doing absolutely nothing except trying to really upset customers and drive them away.
Seems the power of Social Media really does work but more importantly it's down to the quality of staff.
PlusNet Facebook team - this is the second time I have had major issues and the second time you have taken it upon yourselves to take ownership, resolve a problem and see it through to the end. Thank you - you should really be rewarded for your caring, professional and positive attitudes.
PlusNet Tech Support team - Shame on you. Shame on you in every way imaginable. You are lazy, rude, uncaring and appear to go out of your way to be unhelpful. You should be sacked.

For those interested this was the response of the Facebook team:
Thanks for confirming this Colin, I've looked into this and tested further and I have found an external fault on your line.  Our systems have detected a Battery Contact fault, which means there's to much electricity going through the line than there should be. They have advised the estimated time for response is Wednesday by midnight, but the fault can be resolved before then. We'll process a refund for your service from when this was originally raised to when its fixed, and also for the inconvenience suffered, I'm happy to offer 1 months free fibre service as well Colin. I've provided feedback to the agents you spoke to as well, as I do feel this could of been handled a lot better, which I'm really sorry about ^DR

Colin Cook
23/01/2016 15:05
Colin Cook
Thanks I really appreciate the help and especially the feedback to the team. Unfortunately this seems to be the norm for them these days with no help and support from anyone except the brilliant Facebook Team. I really appreciate the help and weirdly my line speed has just gone back up lol!

23/01/2016 15:16
Seems they're already working on the line as an engineer was free in the area, I'll monitor this for you till the end of my shift at 5:30, in case they wish for someone to pop around to your house etc ^DR

Colin Cook
Colin Cook
Thanks - that's brilliant!