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Ordering fibre nightmare

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Ordering fibre nightmare

So 2 days ago PlusNet enabled ordering on the website for my phone number so I could do a product change and upgrade to superfast fibre.  Order placed.
Following day, no confirmation email so contacted them again and suddenly there's no capacity at the exchange and don't know when there will be.
So, apart from the fact that they enabled orders to be placed when they don't know they can deliver it, what annoys me is that this is the second time this has happened.
And I have to go chasing them to find out - last time it was cancelled by BTOpenReach but no one told me, and there's me sitting at home wondering where is the router and engineer are.
Now, to make matters more annoying, a friend has moved into the area 1 month a go and got PlusNet fibre broadband installed.  She is 500m from me, and is on the same exchange, same cabinet.
Clearly there was capacity 1 month ago, and I've been waiting 2 years now.  If there was capacity 1 month ago why are PlusNet not emailing their existing customers to let them know.
I am so annoyed with PlusNet, BT and BTOpenReach.  Poor communication, the whole process is broken and not joined up.
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Re: Ordering fibre nightmare

I think you should have rung them! Smiley
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