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Ongoing packet loss problems

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Ongoing packet loss problems

Writing here as leaving it as a question or fault and it doesn't get seen.


Having the same crappy issue with packet loss for the last 2~ weeks now. it's an absolute joke. Here's tonights story using ping plotter:

Google -

Twitch -


Google is obvious and twitch is an example of something I use. I did leave a message yesterday morning (#131096446) after plusnet did tests on the line. The problem is they do tests that I have confirmed is not the problem (Latency, downloads [yes it is a good connection - but not with packet loss]), then gives it the all clear. It's an absolute shambles. 

The other problem is they don't let the customer know they are having problems. If you don't know what's going on and you're looking - I need to know. If you found the fault and you're working on it - I need to know.

I am pretty sure after having 2 weeks of terrible service (buffering videos, unable to game online, download speed being hit) a contract waiver is fairly acceptable. I'd rather not change, plusnet have been good the last few years, it's only after moving to fibre optic that there has been a problem - it seems they can't handle the traffic...

At this point I am seriously unhappy with the customer service, from the palming me off because there are no problems, to letting me know an engineer was going to come and not even getting a notification that the 4 days someone has been waiting in the house. Shambles.



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Re: Ongoing packet loss problems

See this thread with other people experiencing the same thing -