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Not sure what to say

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Registered: ‎15-12-2021

Not sure what to say

For years my broadband internet seems to have been getting progressively slower, two or three years ago I could reach over 9 megabytes (72+mb) per second, gradually it has slowed to a point where I have barely got my head over the 5MB-5.5MB (40mb-44mb) per second at times.


Extremely recently, especially late at night, I have been losing connections altogether, though quickly regaining, still frustrating. Last night/early this morning was one such time.


Imagine my surprise, then, when coming back online today around 5pm to find my internet running at the kind of blazing-fast (relatively-speaking, everything's always relative, Einstein taught us this) speeds I used to have 2 or 3 years ago, reaching sustained speeds of around 7.9-8MB (64mb) per second.


It's almost as if there was a deteriorating issue in my local exhcange which got so bad that it starting causing complete connection loss, Plusnet finally recognised this and did something about it. I have, multiple times, alerted Plusnet to my ever-decreasing performance but they never acted, probably because they found my speeds stayed just above their promised minimums, even if just barely.


I want to thank Plusnet for a job (finally) well done, if indeed the thanks is due to them and not some other fortunate circumstance from which I happen to benefit. While 65mb per second down is still a snails pace compared to what I would like to be receiving from Plusnet's broadband in the year of our lord 2021, it is at least 65mb per second again, still back towards the upper end of my promised speed again, and I'll take this small victory thank you very much.


Dear Plusnet, do not do anything about this. Do not look into it only to find I'm benefitting from something I should not be, do not change a damn thing unless it's to make my internet even faster still.


All I want from you now is a couple gigabits per second tariff. Contact me when you have it available for me. You've been promising such a tariff for bloody ages.


Merry Christmas.