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Noisy Line Returned, Closed Ticket in Error

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Registered: ‎27-10-2018

Noisy Line Returned, Closed Ticket in Error


Have been having a problem since before Xmas with noise on the phone line causing BB to drop out and line speed to be compromised.

Raised ticket 209673803 on 25 Dec and rang customer services a couple of days later. Engineer came out 31 Dec and found fault in cabinet and copper oxide on line. After he did some work at cabinet and up the pole noise went and line speed returned to normal. This lasted for 1 week and then issue returned.

Received updates on ticket on 10 Jan saying noisy phone line likely cause of BB problem and that plusnet would investigate and update me (Fault ID 316795)

Problem got worse with multiple drop outs causing children and wife to be booted out of online classes and work servers. Tried to add this info to the ticket around 1am on 13 Jan but pressed the "close" by mistake (don't know why the view and close are so close to each other when there seems to be no way to cancel or reopen the ticket).

I opened another ticket straight away (210208522) explaining what had happened but have had no response.

Is there anyway for someone to check if issue is being looked into and what's happening or do I need to speak to customer services (tried earlier but message said very busy with long on hold time)?