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Noise margin dropping during the day

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Registered: 4 weeks ago

Noise margin dropping during the day

Recently joined plusnet and happy with the speeds so far. I have my own router and track the connection stats and have noticed that the noise margin and sync "max rate" (calculated by the router) is dropping quite a lot during the day then rises towards the end of the day.


It doesn't usually cause any problems so not looking for any action, I'm more curious as to the technicalities and what causes it Smiley but today it must have dropped just a bit too far (looks like it got down to about 1.3dB - see attachment) and it caused a drop and reconnect - but what is odd is that it reconnected straight away at a higher sync, with the noise margin back to 3dB and continued to rise (I could see DLM saying "hey theres a problem here, lets drop the speed and the noise margin will rise" - but it seems the opposite happened!). Does anybody know whats going on that can cause that kind of scenario? We are having a warm week - could the heat be causing noise on the lines somehow?