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No show from engineer

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No show from engineer

I have had no broadband now from my activation date 10 days ago. I rang on Saturday to sort this and the rep on the phone said there was a fault with the line after trying all sorts of tests and PN would have to send an engineer out. I arranged this for today as Tuesdays are my day off from work for between 1-6pm. It is now 6.20pm and no engineer?? When I rang PN they said give the engineer to about 7pm incase of a job running over. Bearing in mind I have waited in all day that is totally unacceptable to wait even longer especially when they’re probably not even going to show up. Now I completely understand people/firms have hold ups and issues but no communication whatsoever to say I will be late I will/won’t be showing up? But yet if I was not in I would be charged £65??! This is deplorable and is showing to be the worst decision I could have made to change suppliers. I am paying for a service i am not receiving or even getting sorted by the looks of today. How and when will this be resolved?Huh
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Re: No show from engineer

Exactly the same here, I was told originally between 8am and 1pm so i took a day off work with no sign of any engineer.. I then contacted plusnet who told me he should be here by 6pm and they would call or e-mail me before and still haven't heard a thing. Terrible service today, Very unhappy