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No response to ticket

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No response to ticket

As I have discussed previously on this forum, I have been having broadband disconnections several times a day since prior to March 1st when I first raised a ticket on the subject.  Openreach have now visited the property for the SIXTH time, each time of course with a different engineer who has to then re-invent the wheel.  All that they have ever managed to achieve is to screw up two of my telephone extensions which no longer work, but which were working perfectly well prior to their first visit (and had always done so for at least thirty years, as we have lived in the same house for more than forty years).

Following this latest visit, Openreach changed my connection from one set of tabs to another in the Green Cabinet as an experiment.  They specifically asked me to ask Plusnet to monitor the connection for a week as they have done before.  I therefore added a request to the ticket and also again raised the question of the non-functioning telephone extensions.


Needless to say, I have received no acknowledgement of any sort, despite the fact that this ticket has evidently been escalated and is supposed to be specially managed because it has been going on since March 1st without resolution.

I should not have to ask the Plusnet Help Centre to acknowledge my ticket publicly in order to get a reaction, but I am doing so again now here because there seems to be no other way of attracting their attention !  Perhaps someone would have the courtesy to get in touch with me, a mere unimportant subscriber, if it is not tooooooo much trouble.


I should add that the broadband disconnected again this morning !

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No response to ticket

Hi there, 


I'm so sorry you have not had any response regarding this issue. 


I have looked into your account and updated the open ticket which you have been corresponding with us on.


Please click here to view the ticket. 


Kind Regards

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 Alisdair C
 Plusnet Help Team