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No internet for 2 weeks please help

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No internet for 2 weeks please help

My mum has been with plusnet for a year or so now without any problems, then suddenly she couldn't use the Internet at all from 28th August onwards.
She's not very tech savvy so I'm trying to get her help.
My mum has phoned plus net who first asked her to do lots of things that she just couldn't do because of her disability. An engineer finally came out this morning but has not been able to fix it and said its to do with the proxy server? Ive guided my mum through some instructions i found online for turning the proxy server off but still no joy.
I dont live near my mum so I'm not able to pop round and look at what's happening and so wondered if anybody has any advice thats hopefully fairly easy for her to follow to fix it?
She's using an Asus laptop with windows.
My mum has managed to take a picture of the error message that's showing but I cant figure out where i upload it?
Could somebody please help her?
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Re: No internet for 2 weeks please help

@Christaylor Welcome to the forums. It is difficult to do remote assistance, even if you know how it is done, so you have my sympathy.

If you have the error message picture, just click on the 'mountain' picture (second from left above the input field) and follow the instructions.

Hopefully now you have posted, one of the Help Team may have chance to look into this for you, but the screenshot might even give a fellow Community member an idea.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No internet for 2 weeks please help

Hi @Christaylor,

I'm sorry to hear about this. I've had a look into the account and whilst the engineer notes haven't made any specific reference to a proxy server, I can see the physical connection is up and running as it should be. I'd ask that you please attach a screenshot to the thread as per @jab1's instructions so that we can review the case further. 

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