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No internet connection for nearly a week

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No internet connection for nearly a week

Hello, my internet hasn't been working since the morning of the 11th of April 2018. I have been in contact with Plusnet support, who gave me multiple instructions which led to nothing. We discussed an engineer appointment on Friday but I haven't heard anything back from Plusnet since then, so I'm clueless on when this engineer appointment is meant to be, or if there is even one booked. 


I have personally done some testing, and it is definitely a fault in the line rather than equipment. My best guess is that my downstairs neighbour, who has been completely redesigning his home, must have accidentally cut my phone line wire. However, he doesn't recall doing this and has pointed out that there is a protective layer between our homes, which should protect the cables. This could mean that it may have just been some engineer who unplugged my line by accident during one of his installations, but that is complete speculation. 


Anyway, is there anything that can be done? It is ridiculous that I have been left with no internet service for this long. Is there any compensation I can expect to receive or am I still expected to fully pay for this month despite only having internet for (what is coming up to be) 2/3 of the month?


Thank you in advance.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No internet connection for nearly a week

Hi @aronas1234

I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing a fault with your service.

From looking at your account, I can see that one of our agents attempted to contact you in order to book this engineer visit in for you, however there was no answer on the call that was made.

Could you please reply to the ticket that was left on your account, or call our Customer Service team who will be able to link in with the Faults team and sort this out for you.

I will leave a ticket on your account, you could also reply to that in order to progress this and I can look into working it myself.

Hope this helps


Click here to view the ticket



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 Plusnet Help Team